Sharing emotes on BTTV

How long does it take to share emotes after they have already been approved?

sharing can be done immediately. The uploader of the emote has to have set the emote as shared, however.

How does sharing work? How can I use emotes I’ve created on channels other than my own?

Theres 2 options for that, when you go to your emotes ( and open one of your emotes there is an option ‘Let others use this emote in their channel’ when you enable this option other streamers can enable this emote to be used in their channel.

The second option is to get a BTTV Pro subscription, this allows you to have up to 5 non-GIF personal emotes to be used globally by you (not others) on BetterTTV. See for more info.

Very informative reply. I greatly appreciate the response xgerhard!

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