Shared emotes not working on stream

I’ve added some emotes in the emote dashboard. These emotes are not showing in the emote menu on the stream.

I’ve cleared cache and cookies.

Hey @alex_hhc!

It takes a bit of time for the emotes to reach your chat, usually 15 minutes.
By now they should be in your chat, if not, make sure they’re not in the queue to be approved (check if they’re auto-approved).
If you don’t see them in your emote menu, make sure you’re looking at the right one, BetterTTV’s:
If you don’t see the emote menu icon, make sure you turned it on in your BetterTTV Settings.

yeah i’ve got it. I’m sorry for the Question but why are different emojis for diffrent channels? Also not all emojis from the dashboard are displayed.

Different channels pick different emotes for their chat.
And, I’m not sure what’s you second question about.

I want to post all my 15 emojis that I have chosen myself. Unfortunately, not all emojis are always displayed.

I don’t get what you mean, I can see them all:

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