Settings keep Resetting

Each time I go on twitch my bttv keeps resetting to its default settings. It never remembers what I set it to so I never get a chrome notification whenever a streamer I follow goes live, go automatically into theater mode, split chat, dark mode by default etc. I am using it on chrome 48 on chrome os. Using the latest version of BTTV.

Configure your browser to not clear its cookies on close to fix the problem.

thanks night, will try this and I will report back :slightly_smiling:

Edit: still doesn’t work, the default on chrome is “to allow local data to be set”. And I’ve haven’t changed it since

Then ensure you’re setting your settings on both SSL and non-SSL: and

Yeah I tried this. today opened twitch settings were reset once again

Then your Chrome installation is somehow losing it’s cookies/localstorage and there’s nothing we can do about that, sorry. Something with your installation or computer is causing them to be removed.

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