Setting up multiple "ToUser"s or Arguments for a !squad command

I am trying to set up a !squad command to show people I am playing with.

I have a !setsquad command set up to set the current people I am playing with: !commands add !setsquad -ul=mod -a=!commands edit !squad Playing with $(1) $(2) $(3) $(4)!

This works but if I don’t fill the arguments they show up as “null.”

Playing with tameeron null null null!

Is there a better way to set this up or to get the arguments to appear blank when nothing is added?

I actually found a slight work around but just filling it with periods or other symbols but still curious if anyone has a better way to set up this command as I couldn’t really find anything anywhere else.

Have you tried replacing $(1) $(2) $(3) $(4) with a single $(query)?

You can still type as many names as you need followed by spaces.

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