Setting up countdown for every 2 days

I’m trying to make a custom command that countdowns to every 2 days at 08:00 UTC and then at 20:00 UTC.

Like if I set it on a Monday 08:00 UTC, then the countdown will go to Wednesday 08:00 UTC, and afterward, it will countdown to Friday at 20:00 UTC, and the cycle repeats ( it will countdown to Sunday 08:00 UTC ).

This probably isn’t doable currently without a custom API since date math is too complex to fit into 200 characters. The countdown works best for fixed dates or daily dates, but we don’t currently have a paradigm for setting a schedule outside of that.

can I have 2 separate custom commands in that case?
that go one after the other, as in 1st one goes in 48h at 08:00 UTC and the 2nd goes in 48h 20:00 UTC after it ( or in 96h )?

or is it generally impossible to have the math for calculating the 48h

I get I can set it up to 1 week for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday,
and 2 week to be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
but my problem is that the time changes one after each other as in 08:00 > 20:00 > 08:00 > 20:00 UTC so essentially by my math besides the days itself the UTC time does not match to it every time

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