Setting new stuff up?

I can’t figure out how to get ANYTHING with this new update stuff to work and I can’t find instructions to set things up ANYWHERE. Can somebody link me something to help me get this stuff set up? The scrolling text on my stream is no longer updating when people donate.

Do you mean Streamtip?

Yes. With the old program or w/e I used to have text scrolling on my stream that showed the amount, their name, and the amount they donated. The text isn’t updating anymore.

You need the Streamtip Alerter app available on the downloads page:

Once setup, the files you are looking for are located in your documents folder under ‘Streamtip’…

I guess I’m just @%$#ing stupid or something because I still can’t get it to work. I appreciate the help. I’d like to just keep using the DonationTracker 2.0 if that’s possible?

You’ll need to be patient as we work to get some tutorials and setup videos together. I’m hoping to have some out by the end of the weekend.

Donation Tracker is discontinued. It is no longer possible use it…

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