Set up Emoji Slots in Nightbot for YouTube Live Chat

Introducing SLOTS into YOUTUBE LIVE CHAT and Nightbot and/or Fussbot

I am having a hard time… I am trying to get an Emoji Slots game on YouTube Live Chat with Nightbot. I have used paste bin, but I want it to respond with:
USERID (then the 3 emojis) (if the 3 match id like it to send command to reward the user with say 300 coins)
So… it would show up like this:
Nightbot - Christin :heart: :heart: :heart: You Win!
That would then trigger a reward from Fussbot… so it would !reward Christin 300
Fussbot !reward Christin 300
But I am not sure how to get this implemented, someone had me to do a line in Nightbot where I entered slots, but I had the emojis in the command line… not in Pastebin where it pulled a result, but we never figured out how to get the reward to the winner, and that is what I am having a hard time with… so that may be PHP scripting or pastebin? I can show you my pastebin file so you can see how I set it up and maybe help me add in from there?
I will include the command line that was offered to me.

**!commands add !emojislots $(eval e="👓 🕶 👔 👕 👖 🧣 🧤 🧥 🧦 👗 👘 👙 👚 👛 👜 👝 🎒 👞 👟 👠 👡 👢 👑 👒 🎩 🎓 🧢 ⛑ 💄 💍 🌂 💼".split(" ");function r(){return e[Math.floor(Math.random()*e.length)]}r()+" "+r()+" "+r())** This was the command line listed to me.... 

Then the pastebin I used is this…
That is what I have… 2 different ways…
So now I am trying to get it to respond to the winner, we never got to that point…

Can someone help me? Please! I would be very appreciative!

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