Set Nightbot's Emote Style

Since Twitch users can choose whether they want their emoticons to be standard or turbo, could Nightbot get the same option in its config panel? Then the host could choose whether Nightbot used monkeys, boxes, or robots.

A user cannot have both emote styles at the same time… Nightbot is one user thus monkey emotes are the only ones used.

But a user can choose to disable the monkey emotes entirely. That is what I wish Nightbot could do. (I don’t need/want both at the same time.)

But that would effect all of the other users… It isn’t possible to have it on a per channel basis.

Oh, I get what you mean now - one Nightbot across all channels. I was thinking each channel had their own instance of Nightbot.

Update: Then the only other option would be to have a second or third instance of Nightbot as an actual extra user with its own identity which users could choose between just for the emotes. Not sure how feasible that would be though.

Name changes were planned in the future, there is no ETA on this however.

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