Server commands support

Hi there,
I was wondering if there are any plans in the future for server commands. I want to create a custom chat game with nightbot, since I really like it. I don’t really plan to create a new bot/switch to another.

Sorry but I’m not quite understanding what you mean by “server commands”. Current you can create more complex features like games by using $(urlfetch) requests from Nightbot.

This is the type of error you get when you try to execute commands like /timeout, etc.
I know that the current version does not support my needs, my question is are there any plans to make them usable?
I think I’ll just implement it into my game when it becomes available.

Sorry but Nightbot doesn’t allow the use of any moderator only commands such as /timeout or /ban. You’ll need to find another solution in order to use these Twitch channel commands.

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