Separate commands from YouTube & Discord

Hi there, I recently got nightbot for my YouTube livestreams and also discord. I was wondering if it was possible to make a command only for YouTube, or only for Discord, vice versa. For example, if someone says Hi, nightbot would reply back with something like: Welcome to the stream! Leave a like! In my discord server, if someone says hi, or hey, nightbot also says the same line. I was wondering if that could be changed so I don’t have to remove the command altogether. Thanks guys!

No, exactly what you want is not possible for nightbot. Nightbot for discord is seen as an integration on top of ytg or twitch to allow commands, roles, and spam protections to be synced across services. Allowing there to be differences would mean keeping an entirely separate list of commands, spam protections, etc just for every discord connection made.

One workaround you could do is change your roles around so that on discord @everyone is a subscriber, and then any discord specific commands you want are subscriber and up. On youtube only regulars and moderators would be able to use those commands. This would mean on discord any normal youtube specific commands aren’t really feasible or doable.

You could also make your command names less generic, make the responses more generic, or remove nightbot’s permission to talk in some channels where the generic commands could get used.

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