[Season 1] Checking Rocket League Stats through Nightbot

This post is outdated as of the release of Rocket League’s Season 2. I’m trying to find the time to update and rework things, but I’m strapped for time at the moment. Will update as things move along.

Ever wanted to show your Twitch viewers what rank you are in RL in chat? Well, now you can! By typing a simple command, Nightbot will output all your RL Ranks straight into chat, with a convenient link attached where you can check even more stats!

Simply paste the following into your TwitchChat to add the command to your Nightbot:

!addcom !rlstats $(customapi http://2g.be/hosted/rocketleague/rlsapi.php/?user=$(1)&plat=$(2))

Usage: !rlstats [Steam link/id/profile/PSN Name] [steam/psn]

Working command examples:
!rlstats http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/DxRRaZoRz
!rlstats http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198113107923
!rlstats http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shrab/ steam
!rlstats chausette45 psn

Typing “steam” behind your input is optional, as it will take Steam profiles as default. And for your convenience’s sake, ANY input starting with a ‘P’ will be taken as ‘PSN’. So you can type PSN, PS4, Playstation, or even Playdough. If you want to.
Of course, you can change “!rlstats” into anything you want.

Want your viewers to check YOUR stats with one simple command? Then use this line instead:

!addcom !rank $(customapi http://2g.be/hosted/rocketleague/rlsapi.php/?user=USERNAME&plat=STEAMorPSN)

Simply change USERNAME into your Steam profiles id, set-link, or PSN name, and STEAMorPSN into either steam or psn. Simple!


Again, you can change “!rank” into anything you want.

Examples of Nightbot output:
RaZoRz 's Ranks; 1v1: 403, 2v2: 503, Solo 3v3: 316, 3v3: 451. More stats at https://rocketleaguestats.com/profile/dxrrazorz/steam
Berlin 's Ranks; 1v1: 499, 2v2: 668, Solo 3v3: 500, 3v3: 486. More stats at https://rocketleaguestats.com/profile/kambui/steam
chausette45 's Ranks; 1v1: 1056, 2v2: 1813, Solo 3v3: 1276, 3v3: 1338. More stats at https://rocketleaguestats.com/profile/chausette45/psn

Special thanks to:
Mike aka @Aeonlucid for both creating https://rocketleaguestats.com/ and granting permission for this command to exist.
@xgerhard for hosting, bug-squashing, and generally being a great talking point. (Check out his own customapi! How to retrieve Destiny stats through Nightbot )
Kambui and Shrab12 on Twitch ( http://twitch.tv/Kambui & http://twitch.tv/Shrab12 ) for allowing their chats to be spammed relentlessly during bugtesting.
And to YOU, for using it!

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Great work man, keep it up!
Would be cool, if you can update it for the new version of rocketleaguestats.

Checking Rocket League Stats through Nightbot