Search Provider toggle?

Hey there.

Can you add an option to turn off the Search Provider function, so people have to add a Youtube link after the !sr command to request songs? - The search provider function is kinda irritating, when people dont write the full song name.


I believe if you make the search one of the providers that you don’t have active that it will do what you want, but an “off” or “none” makes sense for that feature as well. Just curious though, how is it annoying when people don’t write the full song name? If people make a mistake they have the ability to delete any requests they made, if they notice that is.

People in the channel im moderating are kinda young, and they don’t get, that they can delete their own song. I feel like the Youtube link is more accurate than the Search provider.

I will try your solution for sure, and get back if it doesnt work. :slight_smile:

People can search or link already.

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