Scrolling Donations with StreamTip Alerter?

So I’m relatively new to streaming and my understanding is that this was previously done with Donation Tracker 2.0 which is no longer available. My Streamtip works fine, all the files generate good, got visual alerts in place for donations and subs, but I’d like to have a scrolling donation bar of top donations. What would be the suggested way to accomplish this with StreamTip?

After some messing around it seems the files can be imported directly into xsplit!

How did you do this? I’d love to know since I’m looking for the same information.

Add a Title Scene, select Scrolling and Remote Test Update. For the Remote url, direct it to the file you want to scroll in the streamtip folder. So for me it was C:\Users\FiGhTiNCoWBoY\Documents\Streamtip\tip-recent.txt

This should add a scroll of that txt file that updates directly :smile:

Thanks - I ended up finding the file just before going to broadcast. Thanks for replying.

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