Scrip language learning

What is the scrip language of nightbot? are there any places where I could learn it? I want to be able to create my own custom API and commands.

The $(eval) variable uses Javascript so you have the full access to that, but limited space and time to take advantage of. Also you are limited to the way nightbot works in what you can return/how you can return it.

Customapis are a little different, they read plaintext from some website’s endpoint, so you can actually use whatever language you want, so long as you return the proper data for nightbot. This involves having some server setup running, and usually your own domain. Which is a little bit of a cost for some people, but it allows a lot of functionality.

Generally it’s best to see if other people have already made something generic you can take advantage of. Such as DecAPI and then possibly use $(eval) to manipulate it how you want.

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