Saving Giveaways

Just a quick question. I set up a giveaway using Nightbot prior to a Stream, setting it to “Keyword”, then moved around and did other things. During the Stream, I switched over to the Giveaway tab and saw that everything had been reset to defaults.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to save that info as a default? At the end of the Stream, I had another look at the Giveaway tab and noticed that it had reverted back to defaults again.

Do I need to enter it each and every time? I’d rather have it all preset.


Settings do not currently get saved on the giveaways page, so everytime you load the page you will need to reconfigure it to your liking. It’s possible in the future we might change this behavior.

If that could be saved, it’d be very much appreciated. At the moment, I can’t think of a benefit to not saving these, especially as it appears to save everything else.

Beyond that, I’m really happy with Nightbot :slight_smile:

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