Salty Bet Currency and Betting?

Howdy folks. I’m looking into the possibility of using Nightbot to help manage a Salty Bet-esque system for managing user currency and betting payouts.

Basically the system I’m envisioning would be chatters could do a command like !begin to join the rankings and get a starting currency value, before a new game starts they could place a bet using something like !betred or !betblue, and maybe view upcoming matches with !matchlist

Is there functionality in nightbot to do that? I assume it’ll take some outside scripting knowledge but if folks could help point me toward that as well that would be best


Hiya, yeah default Nightbot does not have a betting feature like that, however with the $(urlfetch …) variable you can call an external script, in any server side programming language you would like.
By using the providerId in the Nightbot headers you can see who executed the command, so you can save that user’s bet in for example a database.

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