Roles being unassigned

Having an issue in my discord where roles are being unassigned but with only certain people- they have their twitch accounts integrated so I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hey @bearhugspls!

Which roles are being unassigned?

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Those who are not subscribed to my twitch are being unassigned the “follower” role. But not everyone, a select few. They claim to have their twitch integrated as well so I’m not sure how to go about keeping this from happening.

Nightbot does not sync subscribers nor followers, it only syncs moderators and regulars.

Discord has a built-in subscription integration with Twitch to sync the subscribers, so the role selection for Subscribers in Nightbot’s settings is only used to identify existing subscribers in the server.

If you’re having issues with subscribers losing their roles I’d suggest having a look into the Discord built-in integration. This usually means their subscription ran out: they’re not meant to keep the role indefinitely. Once they cancel their subscription to you, they lose the role.

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Good to know! Thank you so much!

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