Righthand side of instance of is not an object

i was trying to make a command that will tell you what the percentage of characters youve unlocked in super smash bros ultimate is.
can someone tell me what’s wrong with my command?

!commands edit !unlock we just unlocked $(query) we have unlocked $(eval $(count) + 36) characters. thats $(eval 1 / $(eval 74 / $(eval $(count) + 36))) of all 74 characters. $(eval 74 - $(eval $(count) + 36)) to go!

why 74?
74 characters in smash

why 36?
cause i had 36 unlocked whenever i made this and didnt feel like getting the count to 36


I set up a command !unlocknew that edits the response of !unlock. Copy and paste into chat:

!addcom !unlocknew -a=!editcom !unlock We just unlocked $(query)! That’s $(eval (($(count)+36)/0.74).toFixed(2)+`% of all 74 characters. `+(38-$(count))+` to go!`)

Usage: !unlocknew [name of unlocked character]

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