Right-hand side of 'instanceof' is not an object

So I’m trying to make a sub command for my friend atm and I’m really lost because I use the same command for everyone and just customize the output to correspond to each individuals channel. However, when using this command:

" $(eval $(twitch subcount) - 1) Psycho’s have joined The Psyside! "

I just get that error which normally I can see my own mistake but the issue is my own personal command, and many other streamers I know, have the exact same prefix and ours works fine.
Am I missing something? Did I make an error I just haven’t noticed? I’m bamboozled.

Hello! Seems like the command is working now:

I had him log in and log out of his channel and that seemed to fix it, then his follower command was missing a ) at the end so i got that working too. Appreciate the quick reply though!

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