Right click timeout


When we right click someone name to time them out. http://imgur.com/0D0gKCc .

But when we time someone out for 1min it’s actually 69 sec (most of the time) And if we do 10 min it’s gonna be 659 or something similar…

please fix.

This is not a bug. It is simply how the text is displayed when choosing a length. The right click timeout feature was designed for speed over accuracy. You right click and right away click on the approximate time you were after. It will always be very close to the time displayed.

If you need accurate timeouts I suggest you use the /timeout command in chat.

Do you guys think it’s possible to make it accurate or it’s not the point of the feature ?

Anything is possible, but it is not part of the feature. We will not be changing it at this time.


Thanks Teak <3

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