Returns how long USER's account has existed Doesnt work?
Returns how long USER’s account has existed.

I really want to use this but its not working i get error connecting to remote server.
Is this working for anyone else? or am i doing something wrong?

If you are using the Nightbot beta, try using the built-in variable instead:

!commands add !created $(touser)'s account is $(twitch $(touser) “{{createdLength}}”) old

didnt work bruh, it said it gave an invalid method or something.

It does work, but only on the beta.

[04:32:23] @night: !commands add !created $(touser)'s account is $(twitch $(touser) “{{createdLength}}”) old
[04:32:24] @nightbot: Night -> The command “!created” has been added successfully.
[04:32:26] @night: !created
[04:32:27] @nightbot: night’s account is 5 years, 11 months, 20 hours, 11 minutes, 26 seconds old