Return in text of commands

Hi everyone,
Last time I made a command like this
!commands add !stats Name: $(user)
Rank: $(userlevel)
XboxLive: $(xbl $(user))
PlayStationNetwork: $(psn $(user))

So there are returns but it outputs like this:
Name: hello234561Rank: ownerXboxLive: Error looking up gamertagPlayStationNetwork: Invalid PSN ID specified

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks for looking at my problem and it would be great if I would get a solution fast. :wink:
Sorry if you don’t understand it I’m not English originally

What do you mean fix? It would appear that whatever name is being used is not a valid xbox live gamertag or playstation id. In such a case then there isn’t anything nightbot can do, the names just aren’t accounts that can be looked up. It is working fine for me:

Note: i don’t actually have that xbl gamertag, but that was just showing nightbot looking it up properly

I want to try to get the output like this:
But it outputs like this: Name: Rank: xbl: psn:

Oh! I see now what you mean, sorry. I didn’t understand that from your original post.

Nightbot cannot do any sort of direct formatting in chat. The services it primarily supports (youtube and twitch) do not support newlines or other chat formatting. Discord does, but nightbot does not support it there as it is a lesser integration.

Ok, thanks
I also finally found a little way to fix it with spaces :smile:

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