Resub message missing with bttv

This is just an example of the Share button When using bttv the button is missing for me not sure if it is just the channel or everywhere.

Works fine here:

Ah okay. Im subbed to Aphromoo and my resub is around the 20th but it just never seems to be there for me when I have bttv on. When i took it off for a couple days to check and it was there without bttv. Any ideas on how I can get it to show up?

Well “around the 20th” is not specific, so perhaps you were disabling BetterTTV before your subscription renewed. The notification only shows after your subscription renews (because you were charged for it). If you paid with PayPal, you get an email when your subscription renews. I’m not sure how it works with credit card or Xsolla.

If you’re using any other Twitch add-ons, it’s possible they are breaking this functionality. BetterTTV alone does not cause issues with this Twitch feature.

Alright, thanks night.

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