Restrict length of messages or r9k as viewer?

Hi, will there ever be a feature that restrict the length of messages, not every chat has mods that ban spam. There are channels with free speech and stuff like this happens . Or some feature where the viewer can put r9k on, as a viewer, only for his own chat? That would be amazing

Currently you can use /localsub and /localmod with BTTV to combat some of the unwanted spam. This is client side only and won’t effect anything to anyone else.

/localsub will only show you messages from broadcasters, moderators and subs
/localmod will only show you messages from broadcasters and moderators

Thats the best currently. Feel free to request a feature at: If you think it needs to be looked into.

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We already have numerous feature requests for spam filters on our issue tracker:

The problem here is that while you can hide the spam, it doesn’t really solve the problem. Broadcasters should be using bots to filter this spam. Making it a client-side issue turns this into a blaming the victim solution (ie I can see many people starting to say “you should just filter this on your end” instead of fixing the real problem: the toxicity of the community).

I would highly recommend finding streams that have behaved communities, as there are definitely many good communities on Twitch if you search for them. Smaller channels tend to have tight knit communities, and that may be a good place to start.

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thx so far. Here is another example why there should be a “maximum number of emotes” option

I will feel a maximum emote or character limit would take away from what people are trying to express as a chat. As far as spam goes it it’s into the hands of the broadcaster and their moderators. And if they don’t want to take action then I would leave. I don’t enjoy when my voice (no matter the size) gets overwhelmed by spam.

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