Reset counter command

Hi I looked and added the reset comma d for counter but when I use it the counter doesn’t reset how can I fix this

Hiya, without posting any commands we can’t help.
If you have 3 commands, one to add deaths, one to show the amount of deaths and one to reset deaths, you will need to exectue the reset command first and add command after.

!addcom !shinyreset -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !addshiny -c=0.

This is the command I used but it don’t seem to change

Hiya, yes so you need to run !shinyreset and !addshiny after.

You can change the 0 in your command to -1. When you use !shinyreset it will reset it to -1, then you use !addshiny, and the main command will show 0 now.

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