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Reset Bettertv Firefox back to default? Delete Preferences file?

Hey all, I run BTTV on Chrome and Firefox, but on Firefox (with the same settings on Chrome) Any bots in a channel display the word ‘bot’ and a bot icon above them in the chat.

I don’t know if I set something hidden in BTTV in Firefox, but it doesn’t happen in Chrome. I’ve tried uninstalling BBTV on Firefox, but when I reinstall it, the prefs come back. How can I fix this, or delete the BTTV preferences to see if that will solve it?


Hiya, this should be fixed already, your firefox BTTV extension needs to update, you can try doing a manual update from the Firefox addons page.

As Gerhard said, there has been an update that has been pushed to fix that issue, but the update on Firefox might take a bit longer to come as they have a manual review system.

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