Requotes api where do i addquote

ive found a message on here(!addquote) so i managed to install the api . But ive a question where to i put all my jokes mean quotes ? do i have to do it in twitch or somewhere in nightbot ?

total newbie sorry for silly question


Assuming you’re using ehsankia’s quote system API, and you’ve set up your quote commands properly, just type the following into your Twitch chat:

!addquote [your joke here]

This will add your entry to your list of jokes.

To be honest new to this and abit dim so ive little or no idea of what i am trying to do .
just had a look and i believe it is working fine now it has a number 1 joke would like to remove that if i can if anyone can help me with that please.

also is it possible to make it !joke instead of quote ?

Many thanks to [RokettoJanpu] for your help and quick reply.

Steps for command fixes:

1: Go to your list of custom commands at
2: Search for !quote, locate it, and click the Edit button.
3: Change the command name to !joke
4: Change the response to:


Replace PUBLIC_TOKEN with your public token. If you don’t know what your public token is, it is a jumbled string of 8 characters, and it should already be inside the $(urlfetch)

5: Click Submit.

not sure on this public token this is what i see with out the 8characters.

so you wishing me to say it to say,

Ami right ?
Many thanks

That is the command response for !addquote, not !quote.

The token contained inside !quote is 8 characters long, whereas the token inside !addquote is 16 characters long.

You need to search for the !quote command and edit its response so it looks like this:


dam now it when i type !joke in my twitch it puts this in my chat instead of my joke.

so sorry to both you lastime i will message you

Make sure you close the $(urlfetch) function with a ) at the end.
It’s correct in RokettoJanpu’s example, you might have forgot to copy the last bracket.

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