Requesting a Song

I made a command that should work as a simple version of the “!songs request” command. I made it so you could use “!sr” instead… The problem is, whenever I try to add a song/url for youtube or soundcloud with the command, it just says " You must specify a song to search for." I don’t know how to fix it. Because I also tried with the name and artist of the song in the example page, and I would still get the same result.

Pls help

Hey @Spicy_Mexican!

I assume you made an alias command, but you don’t need to !sr is there by default, so I would suggest removing the command you created and the problem will be fixed.

In the future when you make an alias command that needs to pass data to the main command use the variable $(query) in your alias, ex:

!addcom !alias -a=!main $(query)

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