[Request/Suggestion] Advanced Discord moderation

The Nightbot already got a quite well working moderation tool for Discord, though it only removes “bad” messages yet (at least for me).
Maybe there’s a way to include some kind of timeout similar to Twitch chat timout?

I could imagine that the bot creates a new role named “Timed out” or sth alike, which prohibits writing and joining/talking in voice channels. If then a user writes sth “bad”, the message is deleted + the user gets said “Timed out” role for a short duration (as set in Nightbot filter settings) and then it will be taken away from him again.
This shouldn’t be too complicated as the bot already has the role editing privilege for his own Nightbot role.

The only thing a mod or admin then has to check is the positioning of this time out role within the hierarchy, so that it doesn’t get overwritten by a Sub role, but that’s normally a one-time job.

Later one it could even get improved in such way that a user automatically gets kicked or banned from the server once he got too many timeouts.

It’s something I’ve considered, but it seems incredibly jank to do that. It would be nice if it was implemented directly into Discord. We are considering adding it though, just probably not in the short term.

Nightbot for Discord is also more of a stream companion bot than a fully fledged Discord bot. Nightbot itself is more rounded such that it has the same feature set across multiple networks. It’s normal to use multiple bots for different purposes in Discord servers. If you need a feature like that now, there’s a bunch of Discord bots around with more Discord native features you can use in addition to Nightbot.

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