[Request] Some suggestions

Add an option for us to connect our own bot to Nightbot and display our Bot’s name.

This is planned as a nightbot feature for the future, no eta on it currently though. How do I change nightbots name if at all - #2 by night

Add a notifications area to the Dashboard, displaying alerts for recent follows/hosts/donations/subscriptions.

This kind of extends into a different area than what nightbot tries to do. Muxy has a great dashboard for that kind of stuff (and nightbot integration for muxy donations!) which you can keep open on another screen or something

Add an embedded video player with the channel’s broadcast so we can control if it’s lagging, test the sound and whatnot.

Why not just use the plain twitch dashboard for this? Most of the time nightbot is a background process for things (song requests, mainly) and you don’t need to be viewing the page. Dashboard also has chat, so i assume it could just serve both purposes.

Add options to customize welcoming/leaving messages for new viewers, returning viewers, followers, regulars, subscribers, moderators, etc when they join/leave the chat.

Chat alerts and announcements are not something that are planned right now. They are very spammy which is something nightbot tries to limit as a whole. Nightbot says something after somebody follows? - #2 by Aaron128l

Allow the bot to automatically ban a user from the chat after they got a certain number of warnings (number chosen by the Broadcaster).

Nightbot doesn’t do bans. Bans are something that are final and should be handled by a human moderator rather than automated, imo. Automatic user ban - #2 by Aaron128l