[request] command for random link

Hello, i need a command that gives the person who enter the command a random link from one of my link

You can use this Custom API to accomplish this.

And where should i put this code? In the “command” area? Or i need to create a app? I am new in Api…

You can create a nightbot cmd with the URLFetch function
$(urlfetch https://api.rtainc.co/twitch/random?choices=Your1stURL,Your2ndURL,Your3rdURL)

Thank u so much! But Nightbot is very unresponsive… Why?

In what way is Nightbot unresponsive? If you’re re-using the same command, there is a cooldown to prevent abuse.

I give him a command and after 6-7 seconds give the answer

If you use Twitch, disable chat delay to fix that in your Twitch channel settings. If you use YouTube, that’s a limitation of their chat system.

Thank u very much… I love what u do… :slight_smile:

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