Reptition filter

Trying to understand the reptition filter. Want to remove spam which different spam account is spamming the same words but i dun wan to overkill it in case most of the users are typing “lol” and nightbots goes on a overkill.

Anyway to set exempt repetitions words?

You can’t exempt repeated words, but I would recommend starting with a looser limit and working your way to see what your chat’s sweet spot is. Chats tend to vary wildly on acceptable behavior, so it’s difficult to suggest what might be a good setting for you.

How does repetition filter works?

Currently i see a case why by multiple accounts will spam the same msg.

If i wan to filter all, anyway to do tat without over kill of the simplest “lol”?

If i update the blacklist, does it also filter out previous message containing the same phase?

Hey @Player1!

Read the documentation.

Not sure what you mean here as the repetition filter doesn’t have a blacklist setting…
But if you’re talking about the Blacklist filter, Nightbot will only filter out the messages that match with your list of blacklisted words/sentences at that moment.

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