Replying to chat without Twitch page?

Is there anyway to reply and contribute to a streams chat without having the actual twitch page open in another window/tab? I’d like to be able to use the chat from the Twitchcast page but I see no option for it.

If you wish to use chat while watching using a Chromecast I would just recommend using the built in Twitch Chromecast feature. As it stands right now you don’t need to log in to use TwitchCast which would be required if you wanted to chat.

If thats the case very well, but using the built in chromecast feature is worthless, thing stutters and freezes on any but the lowest quality streams, which is why I use TwitchCast. Even when set to its highest quality there are no issues. Wish there was still the option. Thanks for letting me know I’m not missing something here.

I also kinda missed the point that you can multi-task while chromecast is displaying something. So on mobile you can use the Twitch App on Chat Only mode if you wanted to chat. If your using a computer you can navigate to replacing CHANNEL with the user your watching.

Now that can work well enough, far better than what I’ve been doing.

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