Replace Time Out button with Purge

As a mod, I find myself purging users much more often than timing them out, so having the option to click a button for 1 sec timeout would be more useful to me than the standard 10 min one.

This would be best as an option that defaults to off, I figure, but it’d be nice to have.

There is already a purge button. Click on a user’s name and then click on the purge button on the user’s profile card that pops up.

Alternatively, right click on a person’s name in chat to choose an arbitrary length for a timeout.

There are options that take two operations to use. I’m asking for one of the two that take only one click to perform to be replaced with purge.

Unfortunately we are not considering replacing the icon, sorry. We provide multiple options to users already, and we’re not about to add a third.

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