Repeated rejection of animated custom emote


I’ve got a question about my custom emote getting rejected - it’s a bit similar to certain threads asked before but the situation here is slightly different.
I’ve tried submitting this gif under the name WoshigeNo but it was rejected on the basis that “Emotes must have a transparent background.”

When I resubmitted it with justification as to why the background was present as well as asking which part exactly should be made transparent, it was simply rejected again with the same justification and no answer to my interrogations.
As for my justification, this is an iconic moment of Evo 2015 and seeing the stage and crowd behind is part of what also makes the moment recognisable - there’s also some gif emotes present that do have a hard background like HACKS or PlsSour for example.

Thanks for your time.

Apologies for the lack of further explanation, but yes, gif emotes are not allowed to have backgrounds. SourPls is legacy, PlsSour is also legacy and for a friend of night’s. I am not too certain of HACKS, but it was uploaded in January of 2016, which was back when the rules were still being sorted out, if i recall correctly.

Generally the context of the emote is not something taken into account when approving, just the name and content of the emote. Generally having a background makes the emote look bad in chat, and that emote i can’t say that the background is necessary, just mainly the reaction.

Ah, okay, thanks for the explanations. Kind of unfortunate, removing the background is quite a bit of work and makes it less recognisable on the overall, and it’s only really to be used on a particular channel.

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