Remade my emote more than 5 times and finally got the result I wanted. Is it possibly that I can upload my emote without having to wait one extra week? Would be very nice!

Basically the title. I remade an emote, it was too slow, sped it up, it was too fast, etc etc. I finally got the perfect outcome of it but I forgot the 5 emote per week rule. Is it possible in any way that I can get permission to upload it anyways?

If no; do I have to wait 7 days or does this reset monday morning?


The process is automated, there is no real way to get around it, sorry. The uploads will reset 7 days after the first time you tried to upload.

If you did them all in one day, it will be in a week. If you uploaded the first one on a Tuesday then it will reset next Tuesday, and the second one a week after, etc.

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