Rejected emote question

Hi, I keep getting a rejected Emote message saying that Emotes with text letters are not allowed. Use an entire word in one emote or no letters at all. The Emote is my logo, which I created (not a letter at all) I have submitted it with Justification several times and still had the same response with no clarification. Can anyone help with this? or am I out of luck?

Image for reference:

If a logo looks like a letter it is still not allowed as an emote, due to the nature and reason the rule was made. In your case the emote looks like an “H” and im sure at a smaller size it looks more like that (due to the nature of scaling down).

That shouldn’t have happened, apologies about that. The emote queue was large at some points and when approvers are going through quickly a response with explicit clarification gets lost.

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