"Rejected emote because it is unreadable at low resolutions"

Your emote ‘cartsTCC’ has been rejected for the following reason: This is unreadable at low resolution. Regards, The BetterTTV Team

This is driving me crazy, the nature of my emote (and probably all other emotes like this) makes it so that it’s unreadable at low resolution. I don’t want to redesign it. Please help if you can.

Unfortunately, if an emote is rejected once, it will not be reconsidered if reuploaded without modification. You must make the required changes before trying again.

It is unfortunate that some emotes will never meet the requirements, however a compromise is usually possible. As a designer I may be able to offer some pointers if you were to link the emote…

I have changed the images to make them more readable, but still rejected.


All emotes with text must be readable at all resolutions. Your 56x56 is barely readable and 28x28 is not at all. Furthermore we do not allow emotes with solid background colours. You will need to make the background transparent.

May I suggest making the carts bigger to be more clear, and using an acronym for the text.

I made a super quick mockup for you: http://s.teaksoftware.com/i/s_yZSHmzI0.png

That’s good enough, I’ll see if that works.

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