Rejected due to Non Transparent Background


I am attempting to upload my personal take on the SourPls emote because I’m a DDR Player, this is a shot of me playing in my stream room.

First attempt didn’t have a transparent background (so fair enough, rules are rules), but it’s a personal take on the Pls emotes and so I felt it shouldn’t need one.

Second time I added a 4x4 transparent border around the entire thing which I explained in the justification field that it would become a 1-pixel thick transparent background when downscaled. Also rejected.

The background of the scenery can’t be keyed out because it has a combination of black and white sources including a bit of sunlight peeking through. The bars of the DDR Pads are black and stick out from the base, my shorts are also black and so they both blend in with part of the background which would ruin how the emote looks in light themes if it were keyed out.

Could I please request approval for the original emote at the top of this thread to be uploaded? Adding transparency beyond just a border would be a huge detriment to the quality of the emote as a whole, not to mention the work involved with keying everything out.


Unfortunately because you have a background it’s not something we can approve per our rules. I would recommend removing everything except the lightpads, which would make it sufficiently transparent.

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