Regulars Tier Level

Why are regulars a tier above subscribers? Shouldn’t it be the other way around as subscribers are paying monthly for your channel and regulars are essentially people who just show up? Would love to have “fixed” or changed.

Anyone can pay to become a subscriber, but only people who are manually added by you (or your moderators depending on the userlevel required for the command) are added as regulars.

I understand that, I’m saying if you look at the way the tier system is set up, regulars are above subscribers so if I want a feature only to apply to subscribers it automatically includes the regulars too, since they are a tier above. Logistically I don’t see why it works like this, like if I want subscribers to use caps or emote spam why does regulars have to be included in that. Hopefully I’m conveying my point. I just feel that because subs are paying monthly to support your stream they should be above regulars who just show up.

I can see why you might want to reorganize them for your use-case. Unfortunately due to how the permission model works it’s not very malleable at present. It would be a significant refactor to build support for this. If we did it then we’d likely convert to a system where we have default permission levels and you can then modify them and add more.

I understand, as of right now the only way for me to stop troll song requests is to use the regulars function. I guess I’ll hope the system eventually gets better or some other way to weed out these trolls is applied to nightbot. As using any other bot to streams songs just isn’t as good.

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