Regulars filter on giveaway


i woud like to know how works the “REGULARS” filter for giveaway, cause, i added some users REGULARS, i can saw them in the section REGULARS, but, when i ONLY choose REGULARS filter (so no MODS,SUB and USER, if they talk, there are not elligible !

How to giveaway only for regulars?

Hey @Lee_KT!

It should work, can you confirm you have people in this list?

Hello, @Emily
28 people in my Regulars list with my test account, “leekt_twitch_test” .

And the test account say somthing in chat room, but the giveaway Eligible Nothing.

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I see, thank you; can you see if logging out of the Nightbot dashboard and logging back in fixes the issue?

Nope, it does not work.

Okay, I can reproduce the issue, I’ll escalate it.

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