Regular and follower status

I dont really know what the regular status and cant find the answer anywhere so if someone could explain it to me it would be great.

Also i want to make some commands just for my followers so people have to follow me to use them. Since i don’t know what regular means i find there is no way to do that. Could you add a follower status to the ones eligibles?


The list of userlevels in decreasing level are Owner > Moderator > VIP > Regular > Subscriber > Everyone. Regulars is just an extra userlevel provided by Nightbot that allows for further differentiation between users in a Twitch chat or Discord server. You can use this, for example, to allow regulars access to more commands than basic users/subscribers but fewer than moderators or allow regulars to bypass more spam protections than basic users/subscribers can but fewer than moderators.

Regulars can be added through the dashboard or in chat with the !regulars command.

A follower userlevel will probably never be added to Nightbot commands for the following reasons:

  1. It is very easy to follow and unfollow a channel. A follower userlevel would offer very little protection from abuse.
  2. Nightbot doesn’t keep track of who’s following who. For each user it would have to make a request to Twitch’s API to check whether the user is a follower. This is infeasible to do on the scale that Nightbot operates on.

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