Register / confirm comp in discord


Hey guys, Trying to setup a custom command to register a users name to a thread in discord.


User types ! register

bot adds

users name and possible some extra text to a discord channel ?


This is possible using Discord Webhooks.

First go to Intro to Webhooks and follow the instructions for making a Webhook.

Copy your Webhook URL.

Now go to the Nightbot custom commands page and add a command.
For the field Command, enter !register
For the field Message, enter:

$(urlfetch$(querystring YOURWEBHOOKURL)&content=$(querystring $(user) registered!))

Replace YOURWEBHOOKURL with your Discord Webhook URL.

To customize the message that is sent to the Discord channel, edit $(user) registered!
You can use command variables to make a dynamic message.

You can optionally add these parameters if you wish to further configure the message:

  • username to override the default username of the Webhook
  • avatar_url to override the default avatar of the Webhook
  • tts to set whether the message is a TTS message
  • success_message to change the reply that Nightbot sends when the Discord message is successfully delivered