Refresh Access Token - Custom JSON API

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I like to add the same !song command (giving back the currently played song title + artist name) as mentioned in the thread linked above.
But I am struggling with the access token.

I have run through this quick start guide to generate a token:

So far so good.
When copying+pasting the token into the urlfetch, the command works fine.

As I have learned here, the token expires after one hour and needs to be refreshed:

Unfortunately I am not coding savvy enough to update the urlfetch programmatically, so I do not have to change it hourly by hand.

I guess I have to include an external script which is handling the authentification flow from Pastebin, like it is done here:

and/or alternatively with Apps Script like is shown here, e.g.:

I tried to work it out for a couple of days, but always stuck on a certain point where my little understanding of coding sets limits when adapting the provided examples to the Spotify API specifications. Is there any tutorial on the net or a person here who can help me out?

Many thanks in advance.

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