Recording/retrieving sighting time for 12 hours

Beginning to think Nightbot is a waste of time and effort.

Hey @John!

So you don’t want help on your previous issue anymore?

Haven’t had time to write you an answer yet, because what you’re looking for isn’t simple and I have a life, but I believe it’s possible. I just won’t spend time writing code if you don’t care about it anymore.

This forum is to help people set up the NightDev products/report issues, after that you’re supposed to be on your own, code is for advanced users. We’re not supposed to write code for you, it’s a favor we’re doing to you and others, and we’re nice enough to do it for free, because we could definitely charge for it.
So the least you can do is be patient, we have 14 days before the topic automatically closes, I’ll even often bump a topic (if I find it interesting) when I didn’t have time to reply to it and it’s about to close.

If you’re still looking for a solution, please answer with the following information:
• which platform are you on? Twitch, YouTube, Trovo?
• what should the output of the command “with all the info at once” look like? give us an example.

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Thanks but no thanks

Have a good day.

I’ve been googling everywhere for help on something similar and theres just nothing out there.

Im looking for help in how I can set up a !spot command on Youtube that takes the users name, their text after the spot command and the time of spot command and save it in a CSV file on my computer.

Its basically for wildlife streams so that a viewer can type ‘!spot Sparrow’ for example and the code would append Posters Name, sparrow, time of spot into a CSV file

Alright, the topic was about to close, I sent this message because I want to answer it, I’ll try to work on the code today.