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reCAPTCHA issue


I am somewhat new to twitchdown and occasionally when I try to download a twitch stream I try clicking the box where it says I’m not a robot. When I do this it makes me select a few images that have an object or something to find within the set of images. When I do this and try to click Verify it does not respond. The images are still responsive but when I click on the other things like help or get an audio challenge the page does not do anything. I do not know if this has been reported or resolved elsewhere but this is preventing me from downloading my past broadcasts.


Try disabling any Adblocker as those can usually mess with Captchas. While I didn’t get the photo pick version, I was able to download the VOD correctly


Sadly it didn’t work but thanks for the suggestion.


Turns out that running nightdev in google chrome resolved the issue


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