Reading information from a file on the pc and adding it in to the chat

Is it possible to make a command, which makes a nightbot add information from a text document from a pc to the chat on YouTube?

I’ve seen people use Dropbox share links with the urlfetch variable to display the contents

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I also saw this method, but did not find a free Dropbox analog. If this does not exist, then how can I realize the idea?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying or asking. If you’re still having issues you should explain your question more.

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I’m interested in how people implement the command on which NightBot writes the name of the beat which is played on the stream, from the file on the computer to the chat. Most often this can be found on different radios on YouTube. But there it is implemented through Spotify.
You’re talking about Dropbox. Such a method does exist. The text file, in this case, should be thrown there. And when you write command to the NightBot, you need to specify a link to this document in Dropbox.
Actually the question itself: Is it possible to implement something similar, but not through Spotify, and not through Dropbox?

No, it is not possible otherwise.

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