Reader Badge Bug?

I’ve read the entirety of the custom api topic (which has over 100 replies), but I wasn’t granted the “Reader” badge. It’s just a badge, so it doesn’t really matter a whole lot, but It seems like a bug so I thought I’d post about it nonetheless ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I understand that this forum runs off the discourse forum framework, so maybe they’d be able to help with this.

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It looks as if It gave me the badge 5 hours ago, so I guess there’s a delay between reading and getting the badge, which is different than other discourse forums I’ve been on.

Anyway, since it turns out that this works as intended, feel free to lock the topic now :thumbsup:

iirc badges are a task that are ran periodically, so it takes time before the forum assigns them

All the other badges have been awarded instantaneously in my experience. I looked into this more, and the reader badge is one of the only badges that is on a longer cycle between checks, presumably to check that the time you spent reading at least equals the estimated reading time.