Ranking Command for Faceit Leaderboard

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I have tried to adapt the above mentioned solution for another Faceit leaderboard. Therefor I have made a copy of the paste and searched the Faceit API for the right hub and leaderboard IDs:

$(eval n=decodeURIComponent("$(querystring)")||"F1rstLady";o="$(querystring $(urlfetch json https://api.faceit.com/leaderboard/v1/ranking/hub/9c25affb-ed42-4636-ab16-e5aa668c470f?leaderboardId=5baab3872a785c0009a0f16c&limit=50&offset=0))";t="$(querystring $(urlfetch json https://api.faceit.com/leaderboard/v1/ranking/hub/9c25affb-ed42-4636-ab16-e5aa668c470f?leaderboardId=5baab3872a785c0009a0f16c&limit=50&offset=50))";$(urlfetch json https://pastebin.com/raw/bDvbPMMY))

But I only get:

[Error Connecting To WebEval Service]

while the original version is working as expected.

I can’t really find a difference (JSON structure, etc). Is there something I miss?
Thanks for any hint.


With the limit and offset set to 26 up to 50, it does not work. When setting the numbers to 25, it works.

This is most likely due to the response time being too slow with more records. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done to extend the timeout on requests, as we don’t want Nightbot to reply unreasonably slow to commands.

Thanks for your answer.

There is only on thing I do not understand entirely.

The original CS:GO Leaderboard example I have linked in my first post works with a limit of 50 and there is not really a difference to my PUBG Leaderboard example at least as I can tell. It is the same API and the response time should be similar with the same limits, right?

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