!rank command for Lol

Hey I tried to use the !rank $(leagueoflegends) But it dose not work even tho i use my ign and server!

$(leagueoflegends laredinger Europe west)

Tried Euw at the end too with no success, any sugestions? It just show the full msg on my twitch when i use the command

Hiya, you can specify which playlist you want to show the rank from, I believe it takes Solo Q as default, please see: !ELO command for TFT (Teamfight tactics)

A command like this should work:
$(leagueoflegends laredinger euw ranked_solo_5x5)
$(leagueoflegends laredinger euw)

Or maybe Im missunderstanding what you mean with “full msg”.

When I try it I just get [Response must be less than 400 characters], is this a problem with the variable or with my use of it?

It is probably you misusing the variable. That response can only occur with the urlfetch variable, not the league of legends variable.

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